Thursday, April 13, 2006

Almost a week...

Hello again!

Hello! Just called to let you son is really "into" Neil Diamond right now. He is listening to my Neil Diamond Greatest Hits CD. Constantly. All night long! It's kind of funny, in a way, that we have a child for whom the stereo is an issue at the tender age of 8, and even funnier that what we're tired of hearing is Neil. I always figured it would be some hip-hop thing in about 5 years or so. Such is life with a child who has Asperger Syndrome, which, by the way, my son does. It's a little like having autism, in fact in layman's terms many doctors I've spoken to have called it "Autism Lite." Kids with this are typically very bright, which he is, and tend to fixate on things that normal kids wouldn't, like ceiling fans, something with lots of facts they can learn about, and obviously Neil Diamond.

It's been almost a week since I started my new job. I'm liking it very much. It is such an incredibly friendly place...I almost can't believe that I work there. The work seems easy enough, which will be welcome when I actually start classes. Maybe this really is a company that values its staff and works together as a team. I know that I hear that phrase almost everywhere I have ever worked but I haven't yet found it to be true. Usually someone is standing over the clock making sure that everybody is in on time and gossiping about anything they can sink their claws into, while smiling to everyone like the Cheshire Cat. I may actually be in a fantastic job here. I'm excited at the possibility.

We had a huge immigration march (actually a couple of them) here in Phoenix over the past couple weeks. I still think it's very sad that conditions in Mexico are so terrible that people constantly risk their lives in order to leave. What kind of deplorable is that? I can't imagine being so bad off that I would need to head to Canada in order for my family to survive. That must be sheer desperation, considering that there are miles and miles of desert to cross before one gets to any kind of civilization, let alone water. Incredible.


Give Your Head A Shake said...

Heya! It was nice to hear from you. I think your blog is great, by the way. I love the details you include about your family.

To answer your question about Salome, well, it's all very clever, really (/self-importance): I noticed that the name of the woman who danced for Herod in exchange for John the Baptist's head on a platter was named Salome. And I thought that was so evil and manipulative. But then I noticed that the name of one of the women who went to dress the body of Jesus after his crucifixion was also Salome, and I thought it peculiar that two women with such opposite characters could be called the same thing. It made me think that it was true for all of us, really. We're both evil and manipulative and giving and self-sacrificing. The duplicitous in each of us is the constant battle, and I think God has created us that way so that we'll have opportunities to let the righteous Salome shine, while attempting to conquer the destructive Salome.

So there you go... probably way more than you were looking for, but brevity's never been one of my strongest qualities!!

tiffany said...

Add me to the list of Neil lovers.

I can't listen to it in my house--my husband would kick me out! I remember seeing some HBO TV special on Neil Diamond back in the 1980's and cried during one of his concerts. I said that he reminded me of my grandfather. I think I just wanted an excuse to say why I was crying over "Forever in Blue Jeans."