Sunday, March 25, 2007


1)Get six dice.
2)Roll them.
3)Ones count as 100 points, fives count as 50 points.
4)When you roll, you must keep at least a one or a five for each roll, but you may "give back" any others and roll them again, if you choose.
5) You must roll a score of 500 to get "on the board" the first time; after that no minimum score is required.
5)You can roll until you decide you're done...but...6)On any roll, if you get NO ones or fives, you've Farkled (which equals no points, even if you have saved other dice with ones or fives).
7)On the first roll of each turn, if you get NO ones or fives, you have a Grand Farkle. Which doesn't help any, it's still a score of 0. It's just more fun to say.


Todd Sherman said...

Farkle is a great game. You can download the rules from this page. See the link at the top.

The file is a MS Word document.

Help I need a user name! said...

Interesting. Thanks!

tiffany said...

I want to play this game and shout "FARKLE!" (like one does with Yahtzee!)

FARKLE! I must play.