Monday, May 14, 2007

Who's a Baaaaaaaad Blogger?

Me. Well, at least, I'm not terribly consistent. Sorry for the lack of posts.

I've been thinking (uh-oh!!!) and it seems to me that I'm not being myself when I post. I'm kind of trying to present a "good" image, and folks, I'm not always good. But when I don't share that, and just try and show the shiny, happy moments of my life, well, then, blogging starts to turn into something like a chore. Which it isn't...or shouldn't be. So I may post something you don't like. Or that shocks you. I want this to be therapeutic, fun, creative. Not stifling. So. Now you know.

I spent the weekend with my friend, who had a baby 8 weeks ago and who had thyroid cancer. They removed the thyroid, the cancer's gone, but so is her energy. In addition to the 8 week old baby, she has a two year old son, and, though her hubby is trying, he's getting worn out, too. So I went to play Mary Poppins.

I haven't woken up with a fussy, hungry baby for almost 8 years, so I thought I'd be out of practice. I was sleeping on an air mattress on the floor, and the baby (Elizabeth) was in her playpen right above my head. She went to sleep at 8:00, and we went about 9:30. I kept waking up, about every hour, to make sure she was still breathing. She didn't wake up until 3:00! Seven hours was pretty impressive, I thought! I did wake up when she did, and we went to the kitchen to make her bottle. She watched, so patiently, as I added water (I'd put the formula in the night before) and shook it up. Then she quietly ate, and was in a very good mood. About 4 a.m. she went back to sleep, and then her brother heard us and started crying. I went to his room, and he said, "poop! poop!" So I picked him up and changed his diaper. There was no poop. He just wanted the attention. But he got a fresh diaper and some snuggles, and then he said, "Bed! Bed!" and I heartily agreed! I put him in and he went right back to sleep.

I guess I haven't forgotten how to take care of an infant, even though my youngest is 8! I came home very tired, but happy for the experience.

Did I mention we finally got a new bed?? It. Is. FABULOUS!!!! I'm sleeping so much better, and I hurt so much less in the morning. It's really stunning how much of a difference a good nights' sleep makes!

Actually, I'm a little drowsy now...I think I'll head to bed. G'night, and thanks for reading!


jail diet said...

Welcome back stranger!

Glad you've got a new bed. Looking out for a new mattress myself starting this summer--perhaps the cause of sleepless nights as well.

Happy Belated Mother's Day to you! I'm sure the mothering instinct never withers away--it must be easier helping and then...LEAVING.

Help I need a user name! said...

It is, kind of. But strange as it sounds, I miss looking up from my air matress on the floor (the one I slept on this weekend) and seeing that perfect little round head, that tiny little body, and the tiny chest rising and falling as she breathed. Which may be weird, because she's not my kid. But I love her like she's mine, and her brother, too!