Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Things I'm thankful for. Or, more properly, Things for which I am thankful.

I know, you might think this is really a goofy thing to be thankful for, but today I am thankful for the customer service at Pitney Bowes, and for ink! On Friday, I noticed that our postage machine’s “low ink” indicator was on. Naturally, I ordered more ink immediately from Pitney Bowes. Apparently, when the low ink indicator is on, it means you have about 2 envelopes to go, because on Monday, the machine indicated “out of ink” and would not put postage on anything. Last night at 2:30 here (5:30 back East, where Pitney is) I called and ordered an ink cartridge to be sent overnight because my order hadn’t arrived. I told everyone I talked to that the indicator just lit up on Friday, and already we were out, but they said there was nothing they could do; the soonest it would get here is Wednesday. So we would have a day without mailing, which is not good.

So this morning, I’m sitting here worrying about mailing stuff, while panicking about homework I don’t understand, while stuffing envelopes and reading the chapters I need to read. And suddenly, in walks the UPS guy, with my overnighted ink cartridge! I looked at him like had had 3 heads, because I couldn’t believe it was here! But, see, I had prayed too, about the ink situation. Kind of. It was “one of those days” yesterday, and I think I said to God, “Look. I’m one person. I just am not capable of being everybody’s mommy and taking inventory of everything in the office and getting supplies here when needed. I can’t do this. (Those are always key words for God!) I said, "I need ink for this machine, and I just don’t have any. Help me, Lord.”

Well, I’m thankful I can’t do this, because God can. He takes care of our every need, when we ask him.

Praise God from whom all blessings (and ink!) flow!!

Edited to add: I know, not all my problems are over for today. But the ink reminds me ('cause I need a lot of reminding, apparently) that God is in control. And that I shouldn't obsess over one problem out of an assignment. 'Cause there's other parts I will get more credit for.


Chell said...

Love it, love it, love it when prayer is answered in such a real, tangible way and we can tell people about it!!

Nancy Face said...

It is so wonderful to know that God cares about your need for ink...because you really did need it, and it was important to you, and you remembered to ask Him! :)

I've heard little children tell about losing a favorite toy, and how they were so sad, but after praying and asking God to help them, they were able to find it. Maybe the toy wasn't so very important, but it was TO THEM! God let them know he hears and answers their prayers, and that he loves them. I know He loves you and He loves me too! :)